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What to submit and do for first salary claim for new teachers

It may vary in the different divisions of the Department of Education in the Philippines the way the payroll department ask the necessary documents needed for the first salary claim of a newly hired public school teachers. In some divisions, when the teachers will be hired, they are given a temporary appointment and assignment order advice. The teacher will present these documents to the principal or school head of the school where they will be assigned.

During the first salary claim, the teachers are ask to prepare the different documents to be submitted to the payroll section in the division.

Here are the list of the necessary documents needed by the teachers.
You can download these at the end of this article.

1. Letter Request
2. Endorsement from Principal
3. Approved Appointment
4. First Day of Service
5. Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
6. PSIPOP/Plantilla of Personnel
7. C. S. Form 48 (Daily Time Records)
8. Form 6 Leave Application
9. BIR Form 1902/2305
10. Assignment Order
11. Oath of Office / Panunumpa
12. DBP Letter of Introduction
13. GSIS Membership Information Sheet
14. SALN Form
15. PHILHEALTH Membership Registration Form

The letter request, endorsement from the principal, and first day of service will be prepared by the school clerk or any in-charge assign in the school. In the event that no clerk available, the teacher will be the one to prepare them.

In some cases, the payroll section will allow the use of the temporary appointment in lieu of the approved appointment to expedite the processing of the salary of the newly hired teacher. It is because the approved appointment take a longer time before coming out from the civil service. You can find in this document your position, status, salary, and item number.

The personal data sheet could be the photocopy of the PDS given by the division office during the hiring process of the teacher. If the division will not accept a photocopy, you may reprint the soft copy of the PDS during the online registration or fill in the Microsoft Word PDS form. Some division also may require a hand written PDS form.

The Personnel Services Itemization and Plantilla Personnel (PSIPOP) can be secured from the personnel section of the division. It is in this document you can find also your item number, salary grade, and annual salary amount.

The Civil Service (C.S.) Form 48 reflect the teacher’s attendance throughout the month. If in case that the teacher have an absent, the Form 6 Leave Application is necessary and should be filed before the end of the month.

The assignment order is given to the teacher upon hiring. While the Oath of Office is one of the requirement during the hiring process of the teacher and can be reproduced through photocopy.

To open a payroll account, the teacher should secure a Development Bank of the Philippines introduction letter signed by the principal and noted by the schools division superintendent. This should be processed prior to submission of all documents for salary claim to division payroll section.
Requirements for ATM application:
o Letter of Introduction
o 2 pcs. 1X1 latest picture w/ plain background
o Photocopy of 2 valid IDs (back to back)
o One Hundred Pesos (P100.00.) initial deposit
Other division ask the teacher to open from Landbank.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Form 1902 for first time to register in the BIR and Form 2305 for updates and have an existing Tax Identification Number (TIN). When preparing this, the teacher need to attach also the following documents: Birth Certificate or any valid identification card of applicant showing complete name, address, birth date and signature (Driver's license, PRC ID or passport); marriage contract, if applicable; waiver of husband to claim additional exemption, if applicable; Birth Certificate/s of dependent/s, if applicable; and Employment Certificate or valid company ID with picture and signature, if available.

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Membership Information Sheet is necessary to all government employees. When complying this requirement, the teacher should prepare the following requirements as an attachment:
1. Approved Appointment
2. Updated Service Record
3. Birth Certificate (if single)
4. Marriage Contract (if married)
5. First Day of Service

Other document needed is the sworn Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth or SALN for the teachers to declare their asset and liabilities. It should be notarize by a lawyer.

Also, the teacher should fill in the PhilHealth Membership Registration Form especially if it is the first time job of the teacher. For the employee with existing PhilHealth number, just attached the Member Data Record (MDR) in the salary claim.

Remember, if the documents are photocopied, let the principal or school head certified the documents. You may use a certified stamp if available or just write the word “certified correct” and write the name of the principal or school head and have him/her sign it.

DOWNLOAD BIR Form 1902 Application for Registration
DOWNLOAD BIR Form 2305 Certificate of Update
DOWNLOAD DBP Letter of Introduction
DOWNLOAD Form 6 Leave Application Form
DOWNLOAD Sample Form 48 DTR
DOWNLOAD GSIS Membership Information Sheet
DOWNLOAD PhilHealth Membership Registration Form
DOWNLOAD Sample of Report of First Day of Service
DOWNLOAD Sample of First Salary Claim

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