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Official Manual on How to Conduct an Earthquake Drill  (Released by Phivolcs - DOST)

It is important to orient people on earthquake preparedness in order to be informed of what to do
before, during and after an earthquake. During an earthquake, school children are one of the most
vulnerable. As such, it is important for school administrators and teachers to be informed on how to
properly conduct an earthquake drill. Teachers are the ones who will guide the students. They are the ones who will teach students how to protect themselves.

The conduct of an earthquake drill requires planning and designing of evacuation procedure, as well as orienting teachers and ultimately students on how to do the earthquake drill. Earthquake drills are simple and easy to do. It only requires planning ahead and constant practice!
The conduct of an earthquake drill is different from that of a fire drill. In a fire drill, the sound of a
siren/bell means that a fire is ongoing and all occupants of the building are to immediately evacuate
to ensure their safety. In an earthquake drill, the sound of a siren/bell indicates that a strong shaking is
ongoing and the level of ground shaking prevents people to stand and move around. To do so can
cause more injury to the person as debris can fall and hurt him. One is not supposed to get out of the
building while the shaking is ongoing.

  1. To ensure the safety of parents, students, teachers and staff during and after a damaging earthquake;
  2. To help school administrators and their disaster action groups to design a specific response plan of the school for earthquakes;
  3. To train teachers, school staff and students on how to practice proper action and response during earthquakes; and
  4. To test various elements of the response plan designed by the School Disaster Management Committee (SDMC)


Planning /Organizing the Earthquake Drill


Developing the School Earthquake Evacuation Plan


Orientation prior to the conduct of Earthquake Drill 

Actual Conduct of Earthquake Drill

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