# New Guidelines in Accomplishing the Revised School Forms | DEPED TAMBAYAN PH DEPED TAMBAYAN


Adjusted SF 5 and SF 6 is available for download in LIS with adjusted instructions on DO 8, s 2015 and DO 29, s 2015 respectively.

You may also download the said forms from the link below.

DepEd Official School Forms
Source: Deped Official Website

School Form 137 - Senior High School - DOWNLOAD

Official School Form 1 to 7-  DOWNLOAD
Automated SF 2 -  DOWNLOAD
New! Adjusted SF 5 - Report on Promotion and Learning Progress & Achievement DOWNLOAD
New! Adjusted SF 6 - Summarized Report on Promotion and Learning 
Progress & Achievement DOWNLOAD

Automated School Forms
credit to Sir Theddy of Passionate Mentors Group and DepEd Tambayan

Automated SF 1-7 - DOWNLOAD
Automated SF 1 (with auto age computation) - DOWNLOAD
Automated SF 2 - Daily Attendance - DOWNLOAD
Adjusted SF 5 and 6 - DOWNLOAD
Automated Grading Sheet with Ranking System - DOWNLOAD

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