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MANILA, Philippines - The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) opened its doors to expanding opportunities to faculty members and HEI's non-teaching staff  in finishing their higher education degrees through the "Scholarships for Graduate Studies" program.

As quoted from Chairperson, Patricia B. Licuanan,
While we continue to make significant progress in providing wider access to higher education, we are also making unprecedented investments in our faculty and academic institutions. CHED is equally committed to ensuring that this is access to quality education.
How to apply? What are the requirements for application in CHED scholarship program for Master's and Doctorate degree programs? Am I eligible? These are just three of the many questions being asked by all interested applicants.

As per CHED Memorandum Order No. 3, series of 2016, all Philippine Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are invited to submit nominations of eligible faculty and non-teaching staff for the 'K to 12 Transition Graduate Education full time scholarship for Master's, Doctorate and Thesis/Dissertation grants for AY 2017-2018.

UPDATE: Online nominations for SHEIs and nominees for first term Academic Year (A.Y.) 2017-2018 are now open. The deadline of application is on March 31, 2017 (Friday).


CHED has updated the process of nominations for Graduate Education Scholarships (local) in the K-12 Transition Period as per CHED Memo Order No. 4, s. 2017 and CMO No. 3 and 36 series of 2016.

An online nomination site is being used in aim to increase the accessibility and efficiency of SHEIs to nominate and provide nominees easy venue for submitting necessary documentary requirements.

The online nomination website can be accessed at online.chedk12.com.

HEIs may nominate faculty member or non-teaching staff provided he/she meets the following eligibility criteria, courtesy of CHED.
Must be a Filipino citizen and not more than 52 years of age for Master's and 50 years old for Doctorate
Must be fully or partially deloaded at the time of the scholarship, with a maximum teaching load of six (6) units for teaching personnel, or an equivalent of ten (10) hours of workload per week for non-teaching personnel.
Has graduated and possesses a degree relevant to his/her nomination, from a CHED-recognized program from a recognized institution.
For personnel applying for full scholarship, whether new or ongoing, shall pursue graduate studies in a CHED-approved program and Delivering HEI.
Shall pursue a course that is aligned with his/her teaching specialization, or justified in terms of alignment to the SHEI’s strategic direction/goals, contribution to the discipline, or contribution to regional and national goals.
Must be of good health and good moral character
With strong academic record
Has no pending criminal offense(s)
Will pursue the degree as aligned with his/her specialization
Will fulfill the TOS set forth at CMO No. 3 series of 2016

Below is the detailed process of online nomination courtesy of the Commission on Higher Education.

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