Duterte says after the police, pay hike for teachers is next.

WATCH: One on One: President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (CREDITS: ABS-CBN News Channel)

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Duterte: After the police, pay hike for teacher is next
Duterte on AMLC: Guys, you are there for a fixed term but I could give you hell.
Duterte: I'm looking into the possibility of giving BSP Gov. Tetangco another term
Duterte: Wala akong problema kay BSP Gov. Tetangco. I think some people in AMLC are corrupt.
Duterte on Cabinet members: I assembled the best team so far. They are all honest.
Duterte: I will continue to fight corruption in 2017
Duterte: Ayaw sa akin ng mga elite
Duterte tags "yellow group" behind ouster calls
Duterte: Hindi totoong may inihulog ako sa helicopter, wala namang helicopter na paghuhulugan
Duterte talks about encounter with kidnappers when he was still mayor
Duterte: Rebellion and insurrection do not justify martial law declaration
Duterte: What's the use of declaring martial law?
Duterte: Ayaw ko ng Amerika. It is a hypocritical state.
Duterte: The U.S. should have taken the initiative to address China's expansion activities
Duterte: Why did America not act when China was just starting to construct man-made islands in South China Sea?
Duterte on China: May choices ako, makipag-away ako o makipag-usap ako. Kaya kong makipag-away? What will I bring there?
Duterte: I gave a copy of the narco-list to the senate president
Duterte: Policemen have always been taught not to obey an illegal order
Duterte: We have launched anti-drug operations only after 3 months but killings happened immediately before I took office
Duterte: It is not government's job to kill drug pushers blindfolded
Duterte: I must admit there were killings that were unintended and I am sorry
Duterte: Businessmen knew that ending labor-only contracting was my campaign promise
Duterte: Crime has considerably decreased in my first six months
Duterte: I use the treadmill for an hour daily
Duterte: I've learned to live with migraine
Duterte: I hate to travel but it's part of my job
Duterte: SSS pension hike issue is being discussed by my Cabinet members
Duterte: I listen to the advice of the experts
Duterte: In a drug war, there are casualties
Duterte to U.S.: Bring your case against me to the U.N.
Duterte: Talks abound that America wants me out
Duterte on Goldberg: He opened his mouth, maybe at the wrong time or talagang sinadya niya, nawalan ako ng bilib sa kanya
Duterte on former U.S. Ambassador Goldberg: He was expelled from Bolivia. He was undermining the president there
Duterte on the most difficult part of being a president: You have to stare at the problem eyeball to eyeball

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