Teaching Guides for Statistics and Probability

Links will be updated daily. Bookmark this page and come back later for our daily updates. 

Teaching Guides for Statistics and Probability
Links will be updated daily. Bookmark this page and come back later for our daily updates. 
  • Lesson 1-01 Variation in Data DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 1-02 Data Collection and Analysis DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 1-03 Attachment - Rulers_metric DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 1-03 The Body Mass Index DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 1-04 Types of Data - DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 1-05 Measuring Central Tendency - DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 1-06 Using the Mean to Measure Central Tendency  - DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 1-07 Measures of Variation - DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 1-08 More on Summary Measures and Graphs - DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 2-01 Probability - DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 2-02 Geometric Probability - DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 2-03 Random Variables - DOWNLOAD
  • Lesson 2-04 Probability Distributions of Discrete Random Variables
  • Lesson 2-04 Probability Distributions of Discrete Random Variables-2
  • Lesson 2-05 Probability Density Function of Continuous Random Variables
  • Lesson 2-06 Expected Value and Variance of a Discrete Random Variable
  • Lesson 2-07 Properties of Means and Variances
  • Lesson 2-08 Properties of Normal Distributions
  • Lesson 2-09 Areas under a Standard Normal Curve
  • Lesson 2-10 Areas under a Normal Distribution
  • Lesson 3-01 Coin Flipping Revisited-2
  • Lesson 3-02 The Need for Sampling-2
  • Lesson 3-03 Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean-2
  • Lesson 3-04 Sampling without Replacement-2
  • Lesson 3-05 Sampling with Marbles-2
  • Lesson 3-06 Sampling from the Periodic Table
  • Lesson 4-01 Estimation Of Parameters_Lesson1-2
  • Lesson 4-02 Point Estimation of the Population Mean-2
  • Lesson 4-03 Confidence Interval Estimation of the Population Mean (Part 1)-2
  • Lesson 4-04 Confidence Interval Estimation of the Population Mean (Part 2)-2
  • Lesson 4-05 Point and Confidence Interval Estimation of   the Population Proportion-2
  • Lesson 4-06 More on Point and Interval Estimation-2
  • Lesson 6-02 - Regression

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