The Revised Implementing Guidelines on the Provision of Teaching Aid and Transportation Allowances to ALS Mobile Teachers and District ALS Coordinators as stipulated in the enclosure of DO 19, s. 2013, Paragraph 2 states that:
     All Mobile Teachers (MTs) and District ALS Coordinators (DALSCs) are entitled to receive the teaching aid and transportation allowances. Such allowances shall be used to defray transportation expenses that they incur to reach all types of ALS learners in far-flung areas and other types of barangays. On the other hand, the teaching aid allowance is intended for purchase of supplies and/or reproduction of materials they will use in the teaching-learning process.

     In order to qualify and avail of this benefit, all MTs and full-time DALSCs are required to enlist at least 75 learners for Nonformal Education (i.e Basic Literacy Program or Accreditation and Equivalency Program) excluding enrolees of Informal Education or InfEd (i.e. short term courses, livelihood training, etc.). However, their InfEd learners must still be included in their list of enrolees to be considered as a value-added to the ALS implementor’s performance. Part-time DALSCs on the other hand are required to enlist at least 50 Nonformal Education learners.

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