Schools division offices and schools are directed to use enrolment data to continuously improve their SHS implementation plans and to make necessary adjustments in order to ensure efficient school operations in time for the opening of classes on June 13, 2016.

Attached are the Activities Related to SHS Enrolment and the SHS Enrolment Form.
Expenses related to the conduct of SHS Enrolment shall be charged to local funds and other fund sources, as appropriate and as authorized and subject to usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

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  1. Please help me verify if the policy of one of the private school here in our town managed by a Priest is legal. He held a meeting with all parents in Grade 7 last February 2016 to sign an agreement to avail the voucher program provided that our children will finished their sHS in their school if not parents will repay all the expenses in the beginning. I did not avail the program because I thought Its like that I only save credits from the achool if my child cannot conrinue due to some circumstances like transfer of residence and repay what was spent there in her school Isnt it that my child lost her right from availing the voucher program? I want to really avail the VP but i dont want or agree with the agreement by the management of the school.. 17,500 is a really great help for us family whose head if the family is an OFW in Canada. Was the agreement legal? Please help.