Memorandum Circular No. 2016-1 
May 12, 2016

Guidelines for the Grant of the Performance-Based Bonus for Fiscal Year 2016 under Executive Order (EO) No. 8o and EO No. 201

May 12 , 2016

All Heads of Departments, Bureaus, Offices and Other Agencies of the National Government, including Constitutional Commissions, Congress, The Judiciary, Office of the Ombudsman, State Universities and Colleges, Government-Owned or-Controlled Corporations, Local Water Districts, and Local Government Units.

Guidelines on the Grant of the Performance-Based Bonus for Fiscal Year 2016 under Executive Order (E0) No. 80 and EO No. 201


1.1      Since its implementation in 2012, the Results-Based Performance Management System (RBPMS) has significantly contributed to the government's goal of strengthening public accountability and ensuring the effective delivery of services to the Filipino people. The RBPMS represents a major governance reform that not only links budget with outcomes, but also puts premium on the improvement of the performance management and monitoring system in the government. Along with its incentive component—the Performance-Based Incentive System (PBIS) consisting of the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) and the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) which were authorized under EO No. 80, s. 20121—the RBPMS has established a simplified but integrated scheme of rewarding exemplary performance in the government through the grant of performance based bonuses.
1.2    Executive Order (EO) No. 201 s. 20162  provided that the compensation and position classification shall be revised or updated to strengthen the performance-based incentive system in recognition of government personnel who play a greater role and carry a heavier responsibility in attaining performance targets and delivering results.
1.3  EO No. 201 stipulated that the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Harmonization of National Government Performance Monitoring, Information and Reporting System created under Administrative Order No. 25 (s. 2011) shall prescribe the conditions on eligibility and procedures for the grant of the enhanced PBB, including the ranking system to recognize difference in levels of performance.

2.0          PURPOSE

This Memorandum Circular is issued to prescribe the criteria and conditions for the grant of the PBB for FY 2016.


Memorandum Circular No. 2016-1 by Deped Tambayan

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