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The effectivity of wearing the prescribed uniform will be on August 1,2016. Said uniforms shall be used for School Years (SYs) 2016-2018.

Only the approved national uniforms should be used by both teaching and non-teaching personnel. There shall be no regional and schools’ divisions uniforms to have uniformity across all offices.

DOWNLOAD Additional Guidelines on the Deped National Uniforms for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel

The teaching and non-teaching personnel from central, regional, division and district offices, and public elementary schools are free to purchase and obtain the prescribed uniform materials from any available source that comply with the standards set.

Modifications or adjustments on the prescribed uniforms (e.g. long sleeves instead of short sleeves, skirts instead of pants for the female employees) to conform with religious, social, and cultural requirements or any legitimate practice related thereto shall be allowed.

Based on these provisions, the following documents are enclosed for reference:
a. Enclosure No. 1 – Color Specifications of the DepEd National Uniforms;
b. Enclosure No. 2 – Schedule of Wearing the DepEd National Uniforms; and
c. Enclsoure No. 3 – Design and Sketches of the DepEd National Uniforms.
4. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.

SOURCE: DepEd Memorandum No. 84, s. 2016

For better appreciation, DOWNLOAD designs and color specifications HERE

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  1. I just received the scrubs (a day early). The colors of nursing scrubs are great. Nice, bold colors. I expected that they run large, so I went down in size. I carry most of my weight in the chest area and around my waist and hips and they fit great.