Step by Step Procedure In Renewing PRC License Online

1. Register at https://www.prc-online.com/ . You must have a valid e-mail address before you proceed. 
2. Activate your account. Check your e-mail to verify your account.

3. Sign in using your registered e-mail address.

4. Accomplish this form

5. Save information then select transaction. Take note of the following important reminder.

6. Select RENEWAL. Tick on the drop down arrow and select Professional Teacher. Click PROCEED.
7. Pay for the corresponding fee at the Payment Counter.
  • Banks (Over the Counter) -  BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Landbank, RCBC, Chinabank, Eastwest Bank, Union Bank, Security Bank, PNB, DBP, and more… 
  • Banks (Online) – BDO Internet Banking, BPI Express Online, Chinabank Online, Metrobank Direct, RCBC Access One, Union Bank EON/Internet Banking & UCBP Connect 
  • Mobile Payment – GCash
  • Bayad Center – LBC, Robinsons, eBiz, Petnet, Walter Mart, MailMore, Palawan Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop

Secure a copy of your Reference number and the amount to pay by printing it or writing it down on a piece of paper. Pay this amount on or before the the deadline of your transaction.

8. You are now ready to visit your chosen PRC Branch to claim your license. Bring the copy of your old PRC ID, other valid IDs available and the copy of your Reference number as well as your receipt.




The following are the requirements to renew PRC license:
  • PRC renewal form. Properly accomplish the form which can be downloaded here. These are also available at the PRC offices. Some critically important info needed are:
    • License No
    • Exam Date
    • Registration Date
    • Expiration Date
  • Two (2) Passport size photos. Photo should be a close-up shot, colored, in white background with complete name tag.
  • Photocopy of recent PRC license card. Back to back photocopy of your most recent professional ID card.
  • Old PRC license card. Bring your old PRC license card for verification. If yours is lost, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Attire with collar. Please wear an attire with collars on. The passport size photos above are just for PRC’s backup. They would still take your photo using their own cameras.


Prescribed fees are to be paid for renewal, they are as follows:
At PRC Offices
  • Renewal fee of 450 pesos.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions. Be sure to read them before hitting the comments section for your inquiry.
1. I’ve lost my PRC License ID. What to do?
PRC requires you to submit a notarized affidavit of loss together with the requirements above.
2. I’m past my expiration date! Can I still renew?
Of course, but a penalty fee of 20 pesos per month past the expiration date is due to be paid. If your license is expired for more than five (5) consecutive years, a refresher course is needed. Here’s an excerpt of the article from RA 9173:
Article V, Section 26.
“Requirement for Inactive Nurses Returning to Practice. – Nurses who have not actively practiced the profession for five (5) consecutive years are required to undergo one (1) month of didactic training and three (3) months of practicum. The Board shall accredit hospitals to conduct the said training program.”
3. My PRC License was destroyed/damaged.
For destroyed or badly damaged ID cards, PRC requires you to surrender it then follow the same procedure above.
4. Are CPE units still required?
Yes…(pst! Actually no. It’s not strictly implemented.)
5. How long will I have to wait for it to arrive?
Around 20 working days at SM Business Centers. Same day or around two (2) hours at PRC main and regional offices.
6. Can I have someone claim my renewed ID?
Yes. An authorization letter, your claim stub and valid IDs for your representative are needed. To avoid the troubles of going back, have it mailed directly to your residence.
7. I’m abroad and would want to renew my license.
You can renew your license at the Philippine Embassy or have a representative in the Philippines do it for your. All they have to do is follow the procedure above and present a Special Power of Attorney and a valid identification of the professional and representative.
8. Can I renew even before the expiration date/birth date?
You can start renewing your license three (3) months before your expiration date.

9. My question is not answered. What to do?
Please contact PRC via the following numbers: +632 314-0013+632 735-1537+632 734-0383,+632 735-4476 (Fax). You can also submit your questions at the comments section below.



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