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Sample Electronic Class Program for SHS Staffing

To ensure the full implementation of Senior High School (SHS) Program in June 2016, the Department of Education (DepEd) introduced the use of SHS E-Tool to selected principals, planning officers, SHS coordinators and Information Technology Officers (ITOs) in the different Regional Offices in the country.

The e-tool is designed for the schools’ need to maximize and optimize their SHS staffing. As one of the milestone in the enhancement of the said e-tool, it will benefit primarily the school heads in class programming, assessment of the required number of teachers for SHS, determining the kind of teachers that will be required per track and other salient features inclined in this tool.

The participants presented their action plans and outputs using the SHS e-tool and they are expected to schedule and organize the SHS E-Tool Roll-out to their respective schools jurisdiction.
Please coordinate with your Schools Division Offices for the Roll-Out Schedule.

DOWNLOAD Samples of Electronics Class Program for SHS Staffing

e-Class Program for SHS Templates
 e-Class Program for SHS Sample

Credits to Deped Bohol

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