Here's a sample Sample Script of Graduation Ceremonies for EMCEE shared by Mam Selle Magat David to Deped Tambayan FB Group with credits to original uploader or author of this script. 

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  • The month of March is one of the most awaited months on the part of the pupils as well of course those parents who for their first time ever  see their son or daughter be one of those members of the graduating class march during the processional. I  am pretty sure that it’s been already a month-long waiting and preparation.  Needless to say…what to wear and what to do.  Those feelings come into reality this day…on this 29th day of March as we will witness the 47th Closing Exercises & Recognition Rites of Armenia Integrated School.
  • Today, another history slowly unfolds as we come to an end of the school year 2014-2015. It’s been almost 10 months already that we have witness how these little lads and lasses proved their worth to become a member of this year’s graduating batch.
  • So, to start with, I just want to greet the people who grace the affair.  To our distinguished and highly esteemed members of the academic community led by the dynamic and supportive Public  Schools District Supervisor, the soon to be Doctor of Philosophy, . Sir Rene B. Miclat , the epitome’ of empowered woman and a great school leader, our very own School Head, Mdm. Edwina P. Guiao, barangay of officials who are with us today, members and officers of the PTA, colleagues, members of the graduating batch, parents, guardians, visitors, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant, welcoming and joyous morning!
  • To begin the ceremony, may we all stand as we pay tribute to our national flag through the singing of the Philippine National Anthem followed by the singing of Awit ng Rehiyon Tatlo, and TCSD Hymn to be conducted by our school music leader. Madam Edna Balagso.
  • At this moment, may we all stand as we pay tribute, honor and glory to  our Almighty GOD through a doxology to be led by Romar Bello.
  • May we call in the Batch 201 Salutatorian, Mavericks M. Quintp for her welcome address.
  • And now, the main highlight of today’s affair is about to unfold in our midst.  To do the honors of presenting this year’s candidates for graduation, may we have on the stage the school head of exemplary performance, none other than Mdm. Edwia P. Guiao to be followed right away by the acceptance and confirmation of the graduates and message by no less than our Public Schools District Supervisor, Sir Rene B. Miclat.
  • A Certificate of Graduation is the tangible evidence of being a graduate in a certain level of education.  This is now the fruit of each pupil’s endeavor.   So, to do the honors of the distribution of certificates of graduation to our young graduates, may we have on the stage once more, our PSDS, Dr. Clarita Legazpina Somintac, our Principal IV, Mdm. Ma. Rowena Alhambra Nicer, our municipal mayor, Hon. Constante Batrina Agbayani, our municipal councilor, Mdm. Marinor Baltazar de Guzman, Brgy. Captains Santiago E. Reyes and Perla T. Bautista, and our guest of honor and speaker.  So may we have Mrs. Marlyn M. Salunga, the class adviser of Grade VI-Venus….to bfollowed by the class advisers of Grade VI section Earth, Madam Rosalia E. Ignacio.
  • And now for most awaited part of our programme, especially for the parents and pupils who will be awarded, let us move on to the awarding of medals and certificates to Honors, deserving pupils. Again may we call in the adviser of grade 6 section Earth, Madam Rosalia Ignacio to do the honor of presenting our awardees.
  • At this moment, let us hear the words of triumph and victory from our Batch 2016 Valedictorian, Francis G. Laxamana.
  • And now, may we call the graduates of batch for their graduation song.
  • Let us now come to the awarding of medals and ribbons to the pupils who carved a name for themselves…none other than our Batch Top 10 pupils this 2014 Closing Exercises by their respective parents and at the same time the awarding of certificate of recognition to the parents of the Batch 1st and 2nd Honors.
  • Today’s affair is being graced by a special woman who will in a minute deliver her words of wisdom to our young graduates and to their parents as well.  To get to know more of her, may we call on the stage our very own Teacher III, in the person of Mrs. Dionisia Erestingcol Imbuido to do the honors in introducing our 2014 Closing Exercises Guest of Honor and Speaker.
  • SPEECH of the Guest of Honor and Speaker
  • May we have on the stage once more our PSDS, Dr. Clarita Legazpina Somintac, our Principal IV, Mdm. Ma. Rowena Alhambra Nicer, our FPTA President. Mr. Tirso H. Harabata, our municipal mayor, Hon. Constante Batrina Agbayani, our Chairman on the Committee on Education, Mdm. Marinor Baltazar de Guzman, our Chairman of this year’s Closing Exercises, Mrs. Jinky Bautista Manipon and all the Grade VI teachers for the awarding of the Plaque of Appreciation to our Guest of Honor and Speaker.
  • We will be witnessing a video clip presentation of the unforgettable moments of the Grade VI  pupils and teachers it highlights the awards, achievements, and everything that took place the whole school year 2013 – 2014 which was painstakingly and passionately arranged by Mr. Dexter Narvas Fabia, Teacher II.
  • Since our PGO President is about to leave the school, it is his responsibility to turn over the responsibility to the newly elected PGO President.  With that, may we have, Jonathan Mark F. Somera, outgoing PGO President, and Rachel Ann P. Tamayo, incoming PGO President for the turn over and acceptance of responsibility.
  • At this moment, we will now have the pinning of ribbons to our deserving, behavioral and academic graduate-awardees by their parents.  May we have their own class adviser to do the honors.
  • To pay tribute to the parents and teachers, may we have again on the stage the graduates of Batch 2014 for their song rendition of “ In This Moment” to be conducted by Mrs. Arcela Fabia Cao, Master Teacher II.  This is to be followed by their farewell song entitled, “ Thank You Once Again” which will be conducted by Mrs. Josefina Ramos Purilan, Master Teacher I.
  • To end this memorable occasion, may we have the woman behind this year’s Closing Exercise…the Over-All Chair…who have done a great job and able to deliver the best of what we have seen, none other than Mrs. Jinky Bautista Manipon.


Emcee Script for Graduation

Commencement – a word of French origin which means beginning. Indeed, there is a good reason they call ceremonies, commencement exercises. Graduation is not the end it is the beginning.

Good afternoon and welcome to______________________ -34thCommencement Exercises with the theme _______________________

Ladies and gentlemen, The Processional.

Roll out the red carpet for the graduating class of batch 2015 escorted by their parents

Let us welcome the stakeholders in education – PTA officials, Barangay and City Officials and the Deped Officials.

Let us give a glad hand to the pillars of this institution, the faculty of ___________ High School together with the honored guests.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Entrance of Colors

Let us show our deference by standing still as we sing the National Anthem with  ________________, conducting

To bless this momentous occasion, let us seek Divine Intervention. May we call on  _______________________  to lead us all in prayer. 

Please be seated.

To set the tone for this afternoon’s event let us welcome _______________________, Salutatorian. A big hand please.

And now the most significant moment in every graduation ceremony has come. May we call on _______________________, School Principal I for the presentation of candidates for graduation. This is to be followed by the acceptance, confirmation and distribution of certificates. On behalf of the schools division superintendent, _______________________,  let us welcome ______________________________ to carry out the graduation rites to be assisted by _______________________

Let us give our utmost felicitation to the graduates of Batch 2015.

At this juncture, let us be emboldened with the graduation message from schools division superintendent, ______________________ On his behalf may we call on ______________________.

After four years of hard work and dedication, graduates, it is about time to reward your commitment towards education. Reap the fruits of your labor. Let us welcome _____________________________
the authorized representative of the school’s division superintendent, ______________________ to  be assisted by ______________________, School Principal I in the awarding of medals and certificates to the graduates with distinction and special awards.


Congratulations graduates!

At this point, let us be all ears to no less than the batch valedictorian herself as she encapsulates everything high school life has to offer. A big hand for ____________ for the valedictory address.

To give us words of encouragement let us give a hand to ___________________,  the authorized representative of____________, city mayor. 

Thank you adlib

We are honored to have _______________________________________       to give another inspiring message on behalf of ____________, Congresswoman of ____________.

      Thank you adlib

It is with great merit that we are joined by the commander of Naval Forces Central ____________, AFP for another uplifting message. 

Thank you adlib

Let us welcome, ____________, Teacher III in English to introduce the guest speaker for tonight.

Thank you adlib

May we call on ____________, First Hon Mention to lead the graduates in their pledge of loyalty.
In every memorable moment of one’s life, there are always songs that will embody inferred emotions. With a round of applause, let us welcome the graduates for their graduation song.

 Thank you adlib
This commencement exercise has truly been noteworthy for everyone here. Graduation is indeed a time of completion, of finishing, of an ending, however, it is also a time of celebration of achievement and most importantly a beginning for the new graduate.

Congratulations Graduates!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Recessional.

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