Funds for the compensation adjust ment to be released to agencies next week

Abad explained that the funds for the compensation adjustment and related fixed expenditures for civilian and MUP will be released next week to the agencies based on the number of filled positions as of December 31, 2015.  Funds for newly-filled positions after the December cut-off date shall be released separately and subject to submission of requirements.
However, Abad clarified that while the funds will be released directly to agencies next week, this does not mean the adjusted salaries and new allowances will be received by all covered personnel next week.
“The Human Resource Office of agencies will, of course, need time to implement the procedures for salary adjustment and process the release of funds to employees,” he said.
For covered GOCCs, the funds shall for charged against their approved corporate operating budgets. For LGUs, the funds shall be charged against LGU funds subject to the Personnel Services (PS) limitation in LGU budgets and income classification. If the funds are insufficient to fully implement the salary schedule, the Sanggunian may adopt a modified salary schedule with lower rates but at a uniform percentage of the rates in the applicable salary schedule provided in the circular.

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