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This is one of the proofs that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s heart beats for the common workers.

Recently, he reiterated his election promise to the public school teachers that if he wins the Presidential election next year, he will raise the teacher’s salary in the first few months of his Presidency while talking to reporters.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced his plan to give a ten thousand peso salary increase to public school teachers when he spoke to reporters recently together with his VP candidate, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.

In an apparent dig to Malacanang in which the Christmas bonus for the teachers this year was withheld, Mayor Duterte said that the teachers under his Presidency will have a ‘merry Christmas’ since they will enjoy more benefits and Christmas bonuses notwithstanding a salary increase.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte clarified this is on top of the controversial Salary Standardization Law passed by Congress recently.

Meanwhile, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano seconded Duterte and said, "Let us end the sad Christmases of teachers. The teachers are not supposed to get the short end of the stick and get neglected. The teachers could expect a courageous solution and speedy action to raise their salary and other pertinent benefits."

In addition, Senator Cayetano criticizes the Aquino government for the meager salary increase for entry level position. By the way, in the new SLS (Salary Standardization Law) passed recently, entry level teachers could expect a 12 percent increase of their salary, staggered in four years. This means, the new teacher could expect roughly 500 peso increase per year.

Cayetano added that the government should have fixed the compensation scheme for the teachers. Instead the government focused their efforts in implementing the faulty compensation system. Senator Cayetano might have been referring to the performance-based bonus system implemented by the DepEd that provides incentive to teachers based on their performance.

Senator Peter Cayetano was quoted by the PhilStar reporter and said,

"This what Mayor Duterte and I want to end. We will restore the dignity of the teaching profession. No more cheapskate wage increases which do not address burdensome taxes, cost of living and living conditions in general. 

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