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To advance the right and welfare of public school teachers and to protect them from possible abuses, harassment, complaints and from unknowingly participating in any illegal/unauthorized practices which are perceived/tolerated as legal actions due to prolonged practice and unchecked system, this Office hereby issues this memorandum to inform all concerned of actions which are highly recommended, prohibited and strongly discouraged, to wit:

Pointers to Minimize Administrative Complaints Against Teachers and School Heads

Highly Recommended Actions:

  1. Establishing and capacitating the School Grievance Committee in the School and District Levels;
  2. Capacitating the School Anti-Bullying and Child Protection Committees in the School Level;
  3. Posting a copy of the MOOE, School Organization Fund, Canteen Fund and PTA Liquidation Report with attached receipts in the school transparency board;
  4. Recording all donations received by the school in the school property inventory; and
  5. Implementing TEA Governance through the SCOLTERS ROCK.

Prohibited Actions:

For their own protection, Teachers and School Heads should NOT be allowed to do the following:
  1. Imposing a permit/clearance system where students are made to pay any contribution before being cleared to graduate, get promoted or to take an examination;
  2. Imposing a year end clearance system where teachers are made to comply certain tasks and pay certain fees
  3. Forcing students to buy from canteen trays and/or for teachers to pay for whatever items not sold in said trays;
  4. Endorsing any company or selling any products to their students, such as but not limited to the following: reading materials, workbooks, CD’s;
  5. Collecting any P.T.A. contributions/fees even with the consent of the P.T.A.;
  6. Selling or collecting from students any money from any Red Cross and B/GSP fund raising activity other than Red Cross and B/GSP Membership dues;
  7. Selling tickets or other materials of the same nature and/or collecting from students any money from any fund raising activity, except Anti-TB fund drives;
  8. Requiring/ mandating students to attend school field trips, film showing, jamborees and/or any school activity needing financial contribution/dues;
  9. Allowing school personnel to settle and investigate child abuse cases in the school without proper authorization;
  10. Having financial interest while engaged in purchasing materials needed by the school or by acting as the direct supplier of the school; and
  11. Requiring or influencing subordinates to purchase items from a superior or a particular supplier.

Highly Discouraged Actions/Activities:

The following are highly discouraged to promote teacher, student and employee’s welfare and from shelling out personal resources for their own development and eventually for the betterment of public service:
  1. Scheduling meetings/seminars/trainings/workshops or other related school office-sanctioned activity during Saturdays/ Sundays and/or Holidays, unless extremely necessary and provided the service credits or overtime benefits, whichever is applicable, is provided;
  2. Organizing seminars/training/workshops or other related school and office-sanctioned activity requiring the payment of registration fees from participants out of their own personal funds; and
  3. Organizing a compulsory or highly extravagant school affairs.

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