Listed hereunder are the updated leave privileges for your information and guidance under the CSC Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of E.O. No. 292.

1. 60 days Maternity Leave. Every married or unmarried woman in the government service who has rendered an aggregate of two (2) or more years of service, in addition to her vacation and sick leave is entitled to maternity leave of sixty (60) calendar days with full pay. For those who have rendered one (1) year or more but less than two (2) years of service shall be computed in proportion to their length of service, provided that those who have served for less than one (1) year shall be entitled to 60 days maternity leave with half pay. Enjoyment of maternity leave cannot be deferred but it should be availed of either before or after the actual period of delivery in a continuous and uninterrupted manner, not exceeding 60 calendar days. It maybe granted every instance of pregnancy irrespective of its frequency (non-cumulative/non commutative).

2. 7 days Paternity Leave. Every married male government employee for the first four deliveries of his legitimate spouse with whom he is cohabiting; the definition of “delivery” includes either childbirth or miscarriage. Married male employee with more than one (1) legal spouse shall be entitled for an absolute maximum of four deliveries regardless of whichever spouse gives birth (Provided for CSC MC No. 41, s. 1998). Non cumulative/non-cumutative.

3. 3 days Special Leave Privileges. Leave of absence which employees may avail of for a maximum of three (3) days annually over and above the vacation, sick, maternity and paternity leaves to mark personal milestones and/or attend to filial and domestic responsibilities.

4. 5 days minimum Forced/Mandatory leave. All government workers with 10 days or more vacation leave credits shall be required to go on this leave whether continuous or intermittent. It shall be forfeited if not taken during the year, however, in cases where the scheduled leave has been cancelled in the exigency of the service by the head of the agency, the scheduled leave not enjoyed shall no longer be deducted from the accumulated vacation leave.

5. 6 months Rehabilitation Leave. For wounds or injuries sustained while in the performance of official duties. Applications must be made on the prescribed form, supported by the proper medical certificate and evidence showing that the wounds or injuries were incurred in the performance of duty. Absence in the case contemplated shall not be charged against sick or vacation leave.

6. 6 months maximum Study Leave. Time off from work not exceeding six (6) months with pay to qualified officials and employees to help them prepare for their bar or board examinations or complete their master’s degree. For completion of master’s degree, the study leave shall not exceed four (4) months. A female employee who is on study leave with pay is not entitled to avail of maternity leave benefits. (CSC Res. No. 02-0576 – Sacmar-Bandiola).

7. 7 days Parental leave to Solo parent. Granted to a solo parent so he/she can perform parental duties and responsibilities where physical presence is required.

8. 10 days leave (Anti Violence against women and their children Act of 2004). Any woman employee in the government service regardless of employment status, who is a victim of violence and/or whose child is also a victim of violence whose age is below eighteen (18) or above eighteen (18) but unable to take care of himself/herself. (Non cumulative and not convertible to cash.)

9. Vacation Leave. Leave of absence granted to officials and employees for personal reasons, the approval of which is contingent upon the necessities of the service.

10. Sick Leave. Leave with pay for each year of actual service granted only on account of sickness or disability on the part of the employee concerned or any member of his immediate family.


Expanded Coverage of Special Leave Privileges
DO 39, s. 1999
Expanded Coverage of Special Leave Privileges
To:   Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Regional Directors
Directors of Services
Centers and Heads of Units
Schools Superintendents
1.   Inclosed is Civil Service Commission (CSC) Memorandum Circular No. 6, s. 1999 on the expanded coverage of the special leave privileges provided for in CSC MC 6 and 20 of 1996 and CSC MC No. 41, s. 1998.
2.   Pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 99-0595 s, 1999, Section 21 of CSC Memorandum Circular No. 41, s. 1998, has been amended in order to effect an equitable availment of special leave privileges to ail qualified sectors of the bureaucracy, regardless of civil status and personal circumstances.
3.   Wide dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.


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