# Cardinal Quevedo: Not declaring Nov. 2 a holiday sends a 'wrong message' | DEPED TAMBAYAN PH DEPED TAMBAYAN

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Cardinal Orlando Quevedo has reminded the faithful that November 2 or All Souls' Day is the proper day for remembering the departed — and not declaring November 2 as a non-working holiday sends a 'wrong message.'
"I would think that the time to travel to the province would be Nov. 1 and the actual honoring is Nov. 2 and the time to return would be Nov. 3,” Quevedo said, as reported by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) News on Friday.
Quevedo also said, flocking to cemeteries on All Saints' Day (November 1), as the time of blessing the dead and blessing the grave, may be a wrong observance of the tradition.
"I think that's a wrong one," said Quevedo.
The cardinal further reminded Catholics that November 2 or All Souls' Day is the appropriate day for remembering the dead.
Meanwhile, Loyola Memorial Park superintendent Susan dela Paz noted that this year's visitors is much lower to last year's crowd.

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