Qualification Standards and Salary Grade for SHS Teachers

A DepEd Memorandum has recently been issued requiring Regional Offices to file the summary of qualifications of Senior High school teacher-applicants who submitted their letters of intent last October 30, 2015.
It also includes the preliminary information regarding the qualification standards of SHS teachers as well as the corresponding salary grade. 
The images attached indicates the education, experiences, and training requirements for each positions.
Following are the positions and their salary grades under the listed tracks below:
Teacher II - Salary Grade 12
Teacher III - Salary Grade 13
Master Teacher I - Salary Grade 18
Master Teacher II - Salary Grade 19
Master Teacher III - Salary Grade 20
Master Teacher IV - Salary Grade 21

1.) Academic Track and Core Subjects

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2.) Arts and Design Track
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3.) Sports Track
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4.) TVL Track
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Source: [Memorandum for Regional Operations OM-GO-2015-GOU] dated November 17, 2015.

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  1. Magandang araw po.Ask ko lang po.i am a graduate of hotel ang restaurant management and ncII holder po ng bread and pastry..at i am planing to train for TMC.

  2. Good day po.. I am a licensed nurse with masters degree. Do i need to take the nc2 for me to be qualified sa TVL track na caregiving?