Spelling Strategies Posters

Educational posters to remind your students of the different spelling strategies.
Print, cut and laminate these Spelling Strategy Posters. Display them in your classroom and use them as prompts for students when completing spelling activities.
This set of educational posters includes strategies such as:
  1. Syllables – Break the word into syllables. Most often a syllable will contain a vowel.
  2. Blends – Are there blends in the word that can help you?
  3. Rhyming words – Think of a word you know that rhymes.
  4. Base words – Can you find smaller words inside the word?
  5. Ask for help – Ask someone next to you or the teacher for help.
  6. Displays – Look at the displays around our room and use them to help you.
  7. Dictionary – Look up the word in the dictionary.
  8. Beginning, middle and end sounds – Say the word to yourself and write the sounds you hear at the beginning, middle and end.
  9. Prefixes and Suffixes – Does the word have a prefix or suffix that you already know.
  10. Does it look right? – Write the words on a piece of scrap paper to see if it looks right.
Spelling Strategies Poster - DOWNLOAD
Syllables Poster  - DOWNLOAD
Blends  Poster- DOWNLOAD
Rhyming words  Poster- DOWNLOAD
Base words  Poster- DOWNLOAD
Ask for help  Poster - DOWNLOAD
Displays  Poster - DOWNLOAD
Dictionary  Poster - DOWNLOAD
Beginning, middle and end sounds  Poster - DOWNLOAD
Prefixes and Suffixes  Poster - DOWNLOAD
Does it look right  Poster - DOWNLOAD 

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