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MANILA- Parents will no longer be worried about their children missing school activities, tests and quizzes whenever they decide not to send them to school because of bad weather.

On July 8, the Department of Education Taguig-Pateros division issued Memorandum No. 15. The memorandum, as reported by Inquirer,  gives the decision to parents whether or not to let their children attend classes due to bad weather.

Additionally, it ordered all private and public school heads in Taguig and Pateros to refrain from giving examinations, short quiz or tests whenever there are heavy rains brought by a low pressure area.

Schools Division Superintendent Danilo Gutierrez said no examination should be given to students whenever a typhoon signal is raised by PAG-ASA, the state weather bureau, in Metro Manila or on days when moderate to heavy rains is anticipated.

However, in the event that an examination, short quiz or long test was scheduled and administered despite the prevalence of moderate to heavy rains, students who failed to report to school are entitled to take special examination. Press Reader  wrote it shall be given on the next regular class day in order to not affect the academic performance of the students.

Class advisers can also ask subject teachers to allow the students to take the makeup test upon their presentation of an excuse letter signed by the adviser or the guidance counselor. Should they fail to give the makeup test, the teachers are obliged to explain in writing the reason for not acknowledging the excuse slip.

Division chief supervisor for school and governance operation George Tizon said the memorandum was expected to reduce the anxiety of parents. They plan to disseminate the information through Parents-Teachers Association groups.

SOURCE: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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