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Last June 25, 2015, Oxford English Dictionary announced to add new 500 words in the wordbook. They updated almost 900 words in its dictionary and some of them are our very own words.

It’s now perfectly correct English to say that a “presidentiable” will stamp out “carnap” and “salvage” incidents, or that your “barkada” will go on a “gimmick” as long as it’s “KKB.”

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) hasI ncluded 40 Filipino terms—compound words and uniquely Philippine usage of English words—in the June 2015 update of what is recognized as the “definitive record of the English language.”

In a news release, the OED said the dictionary’s latest update “sees the inclusion of a number of words from Philippine English as part of our ongoing commitment to recording words from all varieties of English, throughout the world.”

It was the “largest single batch” of words from Philippine English to be recognized and “published at the same time” in the dictionary, said Danica Salazar, a Filipino lexicographer based in the United Kingdom, who works as Consultant Editor for the OED.

Here are new Filipino words added to Oxford Dictionary:

balikbayan (noun): a Filipino visiting or returning to the Philippines after a long period of time from another country

barangay (noun): a village, suburb, or other demarcated neighbourhood; a small territorial andadministrative district forming the most local level of government

despedida (noun): a social event celebrating someone who is about to go to a journey or leave an organization

halo-halo (noun): a dessert made of mixed fruits, sweet beans, milk and shaved ice high blood a.)( n.colloq.) hypertension b.) (adjective) angry, very agitated

KKB (interjection): ‘kaniya-kaniyang bayad’, literally  “each one pays their own”

sari-sari store (noun): a small neighborhood store selling variety of goods

utang na loob (noun): a sense of obligation to return a favour owed to someone

carnap (verb): to steal a car

gimmick (noun): a night out with friends

barkada (noun): a circle of friends; clique

presidentiable (adjective): someone who is most likely to run for a presidential position

SOURCE; http://globalnation.inquirer.net/, web.ph

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