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The Department of Education has stepped up its efforts todecentralize education management – a strategy that is expected toimprove the Department’s operating efficiency and upgrade educationquality.

This Manual on School Improvement Planning has been producedas a tool to help educators manage and run our schools efficiently andeffectively. It highlights the strategic importance of educating our children and other stakeholders in participating in educational activities.This emphasis will make the task of our school heads and teacherseasier, as the community will be one with them in their efforts toimprove the school.

The content of this Manual has been developed and prepared withthe participation of education specialists who have practical and diverseexperiences in their field. The concepts have been pilot-tested inseveral projects such as the Third Elementary Education Project(TEEP), the Secondary Education Development and ImprovementProject (SEDIP), Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao (BEAM) andStrengthening the Implementation of Basic Education in the Visayas(STRIVE). The projects have created tremendous positive changes andimprovement in the schools. After being tried out in project sites, theconcepts were further validated by school heads in remote schools. Ican say with full confidence that these concepts have been tried, testedand passed strict scrutiny. (Jesli A. Lapus, DepEd Secretary)

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