# 6/16/2015: Latest Update on Salary Increase, PEI, Hazard Pay & Chalk Allowance | DEPED TAMBAYAN PH DEPED TAMBAYAN


Provided by DBM through Assistant Secretary Myrna Chua and Director Edgardo Macaranas (Organization, Position Classification and Compensation Bureau) as responses to questions raised by ACT Teachers Party-List and the Alliance of Concerned Teachers Philippines 
(Picket-Dialogue at DBM, Manila yesterday, 15 June 2015)

1. Salary increases for teachers as well as non-teaching and other government employees will "most probably" be proposed as part of 2016 budget. However, it will have to be complemented with a separate proposed law amending the SSL 3, to be embodied in a draft bill which DBM will present to Congress during the 2016 budget deliberations (starting August). This bill will be supported by a "study" which DBM is still presently completing and targets to finish by the end of July. In other words, the long-overdue salary increases which we have long been demanding will "most probably" take effect in 2016, depending on the President, DBM, and Congress.

2. According to information from the inter-agency committee tasked to implement the PEI, DepEd has already submitted the documentary requirements as of three weeks ago and was determined to be an agency that has "met its targets." DepEd employees are therefore qualified to receive a PEI equivalent to one month's salary, which the DBM officials said is expected to be released by the end of June.

3. The DBM officials also committed to probe, with the DepEd, into the reasons why the special hardship allowance (or the "hazard pay") is also not given to multigrade, mobile, ALS, and other qualified teachers, or received in some cases but the amounts are deducted. One of the reasons suggested by ACT Teachers and ACT is the deficient lump sum for SHA proposed and approved by DBM and Congress every year.

4. Other matters suggested to be investigated by DBM are the delays and deductions in the chalk allowance.

SOURCE:Act Teachers Party-List

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  1. I would like to ask..what school year specifically will be included in the MG Hazard 2015 computation? because I was handling MG for 2 years, 2013-2014 & 2014-2015...and the one handling now is a new teacher, is he the one who can receive the MG hazard 2015?