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Antonio L. Tinio, author of HB 5735, the “Student Discipline and Teacher Protection Act”

Rep. Tinio today filed House Bill 5735, or the “Student Discipline and Teacher Protection Act.”
“While child protection is indispensable, teacher protection is also a must. To this end, this bill seeks to lay down institutionalized support mechanisms for teachers and school personnel in matters of classroom management and student discipline. The first is a mandate n DepEd to issue and implement a student manual. DepEd is also proposed to provide pre-service and in-service training for DepEd personnel on child behavior and psychology, classroom management techniques, positive discipline, and other related fields.
“Also proposed are measures to protect teachers and school personnel in cases related to student discipline and classroom management, including legal assistance and representation by counsel and union representatives. Furthermore, confidentiality of proceedings and the identity of all parties are directed.”
(From the Explanatory Note)

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